Rambo 2 full movie In the 14

Rambo 2 full movie

In the 14 months Ive had blu-ray, and the 12 Ive had it with netflix, theyve shipped out 6 discs to me with the rest being long wait or the DVD coming instead, despite my preference. Needless to say, I was miffed. We the USPS have tried to get them to redo packaging since they started the business. Yes we used to hand sort them. Now they are getting near a million customers and we cant handle the handsorting anymore. Too much volume. We have to run everything using the most cost efficient process. Blockbuster changed rambo 2 full movie envelope and viola not as many problems. Dont call the USPS. Call Netflix. I work in a psotal processing plant. Running the dvds though the letter sorting machine is what Netflix is paying for. We are even instructed to not run returned edvds through the machines. The problem is with netflixs mailers. Switch to Blockbuster. Their envelopes are stronger and cause fewer problems on all ends I switched to BD nearly a year-and-a-half ago, which means probably 100-150 BDs passing through my hands in that time. I have NOT had a single cracked disc in that time. I use Panasonic and my distribution center is out of Tacoma in the Puget Sound area. This could all change tomorrow but for now, all is well. Also going against the grain I think Netflix is still a good value. I do wish they would pickup some of BD titles they passed on before the price increase, and would carry more copies of the popular titles, but for less than the price of buying one BD per month I get just about all I can eat. More than half of the blu-ray discs I get from Netflix are cracked around the outside edge, exactly as in the photo. Ive never had one play in my PS3 that had even a hairline crack. I inspect them all now as soon as I get them, still just as bad. Sometimes I get 3 movies at once that are all bad, sometimes I get 3 and only one is bad, but usually out of a batch of 3, 2 of them are cracked. I called Netflix months ago and they said they were aware of the issue and looking into a solution but for the time being they suspected that some postal hubs are processing the discs in some way they arent supposed to I guess they are using some machine when they shouldnt be?. The lady I spoke to was courteous and professional and left me thinking that a fix would be coming soon. Anyways, still really annoying, especially with the blu-ray price hike. Netflix has been a rambo 2 full movie good company compared to others. I like that in the past theve lowered their prices two or three times to stay competitive, but still, who else does that with such agility?. Still, if they dont fix this soon enough, Ill be moving to the first supplier that can send me uncracked discs or just downgrading back to. eek, DVDs. netflix and the post office are having a little pissing contest over how to process the disks. I work for the post office and I see quite a few netflix mailing decimated by our machines. The outer red envelope is terrible for mailing, however netflix refuses to change and the post office refuses to run the disks on flat sorting machine which in the past has proved to be a better method for handling this mailing. The post offices stance is that netflix wont change thier envelope and they pay a letter rate so they are going to be run as letters. I was also told that netflix has stated that the number of damaged mailings is a small enough percent that they dont care about the damage. But it really irks me when the envelope face rips off during processing and we cant even deliver it to the customer. I am also a netflix customer and have luckily not had and mailings damaged, but unfortunately have had to send a few broken disks back for replacement. Amy said: Switch to Blockbuster. Their envelopes are stronger and cause fewer problems on all ends Having used both and now a BB customer because of this issue, I wouldnt say that BBs envelopes are stronger. As I posted earlier, its not the strength of the envelope, its the position of the disc IN the envelope. BBs envelopes position the disc in the middle. When the envelope is grabbed by the sorter, the sorter isnt touching the disc.

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